Mercedes Buy Advertising Space On Fans Prosthetic Arm

Deal: Matthew James shows off his state-of-the-art arm and hand after he contacted Mercedes GP and asked if they could sponsor him to wear the iLIMB

This is by far the best story I’ve read in the news for weeks. It’s brilliant. 

14 year old Formula 1 fan Matthew James who was born without a left hand, came up with an ingenious way to get a top of the range artificial hand.

He wrote to Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn explaining that the artificial hand he had was ‘pretty basic’. He asked for the £35k needed for an advanced artificial hand, in return the team could sponsor the hand. 

The team were ‘touched’ by the letter and surprisingly agreed to help him. They teamed up with Touch Bionics to make Matthew a customised artificial hand, which allows him to incredibly fiddly things such as hold a pen or tie his shoe laces, which he previously couldn’t do. The team plan on putting a Mercedes badge on the artificial hand.  

Mercedes said they could not afford to pay for the hand, however they assisted him by asking sponsors and fans to give donations.

Matthew is interested in a career in engineering and with that hand, who knows, we might see him in Formula 1 in the future.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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